Assisting Individuals with their Counseling Needs

About Melinda Porter, LPC of Carrollton, Texas

Melinda Porter, MA, LPC is a counselor in Carrollton, Texas. Melinda began her career in education, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Education with an Early Childhood Endorsement. She then went on to pursue a master’s degree in Professional Counseling from Texas Wesleyan University.

While her teaching career was fruitful and lasted for 13 years, she decided to venture into counseling – an endeavor that will allow her to work with individuals and their families as a unit.

Melinda is proud to offer the following counseling services:

  • Depression, stress, anxiety, panic attacks
  • LGB counseling – identifying your path to growth
  • Gender counseling – helping you find your personal identity
  • Transitioning counseling – working through mental, medical & legal elements
  • Online Counseling – supporting you wherever you are
  • Addiction Counseling - guiding you through all of your addiction struggles

Melinda is also happy to help those who identify with any other non-conforming sexual or gender identity. She has assisted families coping with the “coming out” process, and has helped individuals through online video counseling.

Overall, she is focused on providing a non-judgmental, comforting environment that cultivates communication and expression. Melinda will guide you on a path toward self-understanding, self-comfort and self-discovery.

For more information about Melinda Porter counseling services in Carrollton TX, please call 817-733-7206.

Public Citizen of the Year for NASW North Central Texas 2016